Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Being good digital citizens

My students are going to have to be good digital citizens.  That means they are going to be trusted to use the internet for educational purposes and to be able to accumulate and share information that will help us grow mentally and psychologically as learners of our environment.  The cyber world is full of information, both helpful and harmful.  We must use good common sense in remaining safe in this cyber world.

Students would have to know that they are always being monitored.  Everything goes through the district server, and they must use all safe sites always.  They should also know to beware of dangerous sites.  Anything looking suspicious should be reported to me immediately.  Also, cyber-bullying is something that absolutely will not be tolerated.

The I-Safe factsheet can help us identify areas of concern, and I may post it near our workstations or centers.

All this information should be placed on a poster near our centers.  We will go over all items at all times, especially when commencing these programs at the beginning of the year.  As time progresses, we will continuously re-visit these rules of the cyber world.  Information dissemination to parents should also be available through all our devices, as well as hardcopy notices sent home with students.

We will always be diligent when it comes to the safety of our students.  We will always make sure that we shall always be on guard against any mischievous activities, and they will be punished accordingly.

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