Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New technology devices in classroom this year

This year we will be implementing our new Netbooks and will put our I-touches to full use.  All music created will be on all devices for listening and rehearsing.  This will include full performances, parts for each songs, accompaniments for all songs, etc.  Students will be able to use all these devices as valuable practice tools for our concerts.

Furthermore, theory and drill apps will be included as well.  This will prove invaluable to help with ear training and theory training.

In addition, all correspondence will also be posted on all devices using our Charms website as well as Dropbox, which means that all devices will always have access to all music and correspondence at all times.

I'm still contemplating syncing these devices on a regular basis in addition to using an online clouding software, but that may require syncing every time I added new material I wanted on there.  I'd like to download the material to the device from the clouding software, but that also would take a lot of time.  As I get more familiar with all these applications, I'm sure I'll get more efficient at getting the results I need.

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