Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Future Jobs for kids who take Choir and Drama

I'd like to start a project to find information about future jobs for students who take Choir and/or Drama during their school years.

OBJECTIVE:  To find people who have jobs in the entertainment business, or in any profession for that matter, and have them Skype and tell our students how their training in Choir and/or Drama helped prepare them for their careers.

TIME OF IMPLEMENTATION:  I'd like to start this project this semester (Fall '12).  I know it may take some time to get this going, but we'll start working on this shortly after the beginning of the school year.

TOOLS:  I would like to use Skype as our main tool.  Blogs would also be an option that could be utilized.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION:  I'd like to find professionals working in any field that would share with our students how their experiences and classes they took during their school years helped them get the jobs they have now or have had in the past.  I personally have a friend who works in L.A. that writes music for the movie industry, and has written songs in some pretty prominent movies (his latest work was on Rango!)  My principal has a son who has done some acting in movies, and I'd love to ask him as well.  I want to stretch the types of jobs to vary from acting, songwriting, conducting, performing, producing, writing, etc.  Any form of job that used their training in Choir or Drama (or even Band or Orchestra) could be open for invitation.

I'd love these professionals to address our students via Skype during class.  Question and answer sessions, sample short performances, advice, anything we can come up with.

This is just in the planning phase and many details need to be worked out, but I think it's a pretty good idea.  Parameters would have to be set for each classroom/professional interaction.  Pacing, times, recording it for other classes, etc.

Stay tuned and we'll see where this goes......!!!  Again, any ideas or comments are always welcomed.

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